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We Are Open - Same Day Shipping!

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These steel boned corsets can reduce your waist by up to 5 inches, and are very comfortable with a good amount of support.

They are great for waist training in or just giving your waist a cinch for the evening. The huge variety of colours, designs and shapes mean you are not restricted to just waist training, they can be worn as part of your outfit as outerwear, lingerie, fantasy, stealthing, the options for how to wear these are endless.

The Eve and Minnie are the most popular steel bone corset shapes.

These steel boned corsets come in overbust and underbust shapes, as well as different configurations that all have high quality and high density steel bones, multiple layers of reinforced cloth, strong waist tape and reinforced seams to make the corset stronger and give a dramatic waist reduction.

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