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Corset Terminology

Rather worryingly we have noticed a trend whereby various websites use vague words to confuse customers into buying corsets they thought were something else. So we've put together a corset terminlogy guide.

If there is anything that we have missed, that you may want to know, just drop us a line.

So here's everything you need to know :-

Steel Boned Corsets 
These are corsets made using steel bones, they usually provide waist reduction of between 2" to 6" and generally do not snap or warp as plastic bones often do. Dependant on the quality of the corset and the bones they can retain their shape for decades.

Plastic Boned Corsets
These are corsets that are made using plastic bones. They do not provide waist reduction and tend to be more of a fashion item. They are available in many beautiful styles at great prices. Although they usually will not last too long, as the plastic bones tend to snap or warp after a short period of time, which can cause the wearer some discomfort.

Fashion Corsets
These are plastic boned corsets and tend to be more of a fashion item, usually priced to be throw away fashion, for want of a better expression.

Corset Top
This is usually a plastic boned top, which looks like a corset, but is actually a top.

Spiral Steel Bones
This refers to the type of steel bone in the corset. A good corset will have both spiral steel bones and sprung steel bones. Spiral steel bones move in every direction which enables the wearer to move around more freely without compromising on waist cinching ability. There is however a difference between one spiral steel bone and the next.

Flat Steel Bones
This also refers to the type of steel bone in the corset. A good corset will have both spiral steel bones and flat steel bones. The flat steel bones only move in two directions, backwards and forwards. They are mostly used at the back of corsets near the lacing. Although some companies do make entire corsets from this type of bone. These tend to be quite uncomfortable and tend to restrict movement. These corsets have good waist cinching ability. Though it must be noted that there is a difference between the flat steel bone and the next.

Steel Busks
A steel busk is the front fastener used on most corsets. This is a very important part of a corset as it provides most of the support at the front of a corset and hold the wearer's tummy in. The busk comes under a very high amount of pressure and needs to be of a good quality. The busk is made from the same material as flat steel bones and only moves in two direction, backwards and forwards.

More to come...